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Lintec Services

Intertek Lintec is the shipping community’s gateway to Intertek’s global network of state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and industry-leading technical Total Quality Assurance expertise. Intertek is an industry leader with more than 44,000 employees in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries.   Please complete the fields below and download our services brochure

Bunker Quantity Surveys

As bunker fuel is often the largest contributor to the operational costs of a ship, it is critical that the fuel purchaser ensures the correct amount of fuel is received, or has sufficient information to substantiate their claim in the event of any dispute. As bunkering operations often take place some distance from the fuel […]

Lubricant Analysis

Avoid expensive, catastrophic machinery failures and reduce the risk of unplanned down-time and costly repairs. Intertek Lintec’s Lubricant Analysis is your Oil Conditioning Monitoring (OCM) testing and evaluation services offering full, independent, quality and engineering interpretation of the state of lubricant fluids in your P1 machinery. By tracking changes in machinery lubricant quality, Intertek’s program […]

Fire Fighting Foam Testing

Most international safety organizations require that fire foam concentrates are tested on an annual basis. Fire foam storage containers operating under harsh environmental conditions, such as ships, terminals, offshore platforms, and airports, should be routinely monitored for fire foam contamination and deterioration.   Please complete the fields below and download our Fire Fighting Foam Testing […]

Chemical Contamination Screening

Lessons learned from the use of the 1.00% m/m sulphur residual fuel for ECA compliance highlighted the potential pit falls of the use of blended products for regulatory compliance. In looking across the range of 1.00% m/m sulphur fuels available it is clear that the use of unregulated blend / cutter stocks provided cause for […]

Direct Injection GCMS Screening

The Direct Injection GCMS Screening program provides a unique analysis tool offering the full benefit of a Direct Injection GCMS technique without incurring a significant delay in supplying results. Providing clients with indepth insight into potential contaminant issues with fast turnaround times. Please complete the fields below and download our Direct Injection GCMS Screening brochure

InFlow Marine Fuel Blending

Fuel blending can impact upon the quality of bunker fuel. Intertek InFlow aims to offer support to owners and operators by providing a fully integrated solution to potential problems in dealing with the handling or mixing of different fuels onboard. Marine operators are facing increasing challenges in relation to the progressive development of emission legislation. […]

Purifier Efficiency Monitoring

Analysis of data from samples submitted to Intertek Lintec’s fuel testing programme has shown elevated levels of catalytic fines in fuels introduced by cutter stocks. The potential for damage these particles can cause is well known. Small particles can damage fuel injection components, abrading the fuel injection nozzle and distorting the spray pattern, resulting in […]

Fuel System Overview

In addition to the analysis of fuel samples taken when bunkering, an increasing number of ship owners and ship managers have chosen to monitor the quality of bunker fuel throughout the fuel oil system as part of a preventative maintenance programme. In part, this can be attributed to evidence of elevated levels of catalytic fines […]

Fuel Dipslides

Intertek Lintec provides a range of services to the shipping community, including bunker quantity surveys and the laboratory analysis of bunker fuel samples and lubricants. To complement this range of services, Intertek Lintec also offer on-board Test Kits designed to alert operators/owners to the microbiological contamination of marine bunker fuel by bacteria and fungi.   […]

Taking a Sample

Ensure that all personnel who may come into contact with fuel are adequately equipped with the correct personal protection equipment. Please refer to your company’s health and safety policy for further advice. It is essential that any sample tested is representative of the whole batch transfer, that the sampling is witnessed by all parties and […]


Efficient laboratory working practices mean that Intertek Lintec is able to issue results of analysis on the same day that the sample arrives at the laboratory. Consequently, the critical factor has become the time taken to deliver the sample to the laboratory. The Intertek Lintec Priority Advantage Desk (PAD), the cost of which is included […]